Product Categories

MrEnzyme has created a comprehensive database of enzymes, buffers, and reagents from all the major manufactures. Each category is an unique line of products. More categories and more products are added everyday.



Species metabolite produced through industrial fermentation of different microorganism to fight other bacteria or fungi.


Antibody is a protein made by plasma cells in the blood to respond and counteracting a specific antigen.

Buffer Solutions

Buffers prevent a severe pH-change and therefore a possible denaturation of the enzyme. Mostly, consist of a weak acid and a strong basic component.


Cells / Tissues

Smallest unit in the living body and it contains nucleus, cytoplasm, and membrane. Tissue is a group of cells with the same shape and function.


Coenzymes are non-protein molecules that assisting enzyme reactions by acting as intermediate carriers of electrons.


Conjugate enzymes are those that require a specific cofactor. Cofactors are non-proteomics and don't have catalyst activity characteristics.



Any good to be consumed and require replacement


An enzyme is a biological catalyst and is mostly a protein. It synergize the rate f a specific chemical reaction in the cells. It can be produced by genetically modified micro-organisms for each specific reaction.


Any of a class of proteins that have carbohydrate groups attached to their polypeptide chain.



Inhibitor is a molecule that binds to the enzyme to block it activity.

Kits / Probes / Assays / Mixes

Kits are ready to use mix of materials for rapid and cost effective analysis.


A lysosome is a cell organelle that contains different digestive enzymes.


Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology is the study of genomics and proteomics.


Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites produced by fingi.


The pharmaceutical industry discovers, develops, produces, and markets drugs or pharmaceutical drugs for use as medications to be administered to patients, with the aim to cure them, vaccinate them, or alleviate symptoms.



A plasmid is a small, extrachromosomal DNA molecule within a cell that is physically separated from chromosomal DNA and can replicate independently.

Proteins / Proteomics

Proteomics is the study of the interactions, function, composition, and structures of proteins and their activities in the cell. protein is the combination of Amino Acids. There are 20 different AA, and based on their sorting, there will be different proteins.

Reagents / Chemicals / Solutions

Any kinds of substance or mixture for use in chemical analysis or other reactions.



A substrate is a molecule that an enzyme reacts with. Enzymes bind substrate in their active site and then chemically modify the bound substrate and converting it to a different molecule.


Vitamins are micro-nutrients absorbed from the food into the body.